Wednesday, October 13, 2010

All 33 miners are free

Today, Thursday 14th October 2010 - the day when all 33 trapped miners were freed from their prison thousands of feet below the surface of the Atacama desert - high in the mountains of northern Chile.

Congratulations to all involved.
Robert L. Fielding

Amazing pics

The Phoenix

Here is a picture of the pod that is bringing the men to the surface. It has lots of equipment to monitor how each man is coping with the final ordeal of being rescued - 12-15 minutes in the pod, named the Phoenix.

Medical staff are on hand to make sure that each man arrives safely - some have even gone down to the bottom to supervise each man as he steps in the Phoenix and commences the ascent to the surface.

Heroes like these really have put Chile on the map, haven't they?
Robert L. Fielding

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"A walk in the park"

The second man to be freed is Mario Sepulveda, pictured here. Let's hope the rescue continues safely. The trip to the top was described as, "A walk in the park for these men."
Robert L. Fielding

One free - 32 to go!

Florencio Avalos is the first of the 33 miners to reach the surface, it has been announced on TV. The others are waiting their turn. Florencio was chosen because he was the fittest, which makes sense; the first one up is going on an unknown journey to the top - anything could happen, but didn't - he arrived at the surface without a hitch.

I congratulate the Chilean rescue team for their bold venture to rescue the brave miners.
Robert L. Fielding

Freedom at midnight

"Free at last - thank God I'm free at last!" The time is fast approaching - the rescue mission is nearing its wonderful conclusion. Within the next 24 hours, all the miners will have been rescued - 'Please God'.

Fathers and sons, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters - all will be reunited in joy and happiness.

Say a prayer tonight for each and every miner and for their families. Give thanks for the people who organized and carried out this tremendous feat.

Give thanks for the rescue of the 33 miners, and please, please, please, give them some room, some privacy, and all the help they need, at the point of their arrival at the top, and for the coming weeks. Let them re-adjust to a normal life after their long ordeal underground.
Robert L. Fielding