Monday, October 11, 2010

The World is looking forward to seeing you guys

Tuesday 12 October 2010 - Day 67 underground for the 33 miners/heroes in the San Jose mine in Chile. The World watches and waits - holding its breath as the lads get closer and closer to freedom from their rock prison.

Their families (God bless them and keep them) have been at the top since Day 1, when it was discovered that all 33 were alive and well. The reunions will be amazing - wives will meet husbands, fathers will meet sons, kids will meet fathers - and they will all be reunited in joy and love - sending out a message to a world in need of something to knit people together - love and hope - the power of faith, and goodness personified.

Men of power - politicians - take note of this - the power of people pulling together, working together and praying together.

And when the 33 miners come finally to the surface, let the World rejoice with their families and with the men themselves - let the World rejoice and let the new hope ring out across the surface of the Earth - a surface so coveted and longed for, for more than 2 months - listen to the hearts of the men, beating strongly with the love they bear for their families - for life - a heart beat picked up by monitors where no mobile phone signal or radio band has penetrated - more than 600 metres below - in solid rock.
Yours sincerely
A well-wisher
Robert L. Fielding
Writing in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

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